Twitter extensions for Google Chrome

As a Chrome-living Twitter user, I’ve tried to find a perfect microblogging tool for Chrome since Extensions feature was released in the latest beta.

  1. First was Brizzly, which I liked first:
    • pro: it provides you with access to Twitter and Facebook;
    • contra: a ‘loading’ screen is shown each time you open it.
  2. Then was TweetDeck – which didn’t succeed either because my admin banned Adobe Air installation.
  3. Seesmic came next – and still is my selection for ‘heavy’ online Twitter tool.
  4. Now I’ve decided to uninstall Brizzly and try TwitterBar and Twopup (will post a short review here later).

Which Twitter clients do you use?

P.S.: decided to uninstall TwitterBar – Twopup works faster and gives much more options.


One thought on “Twitter extensions for Google Chrome

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