MOSS 2007: Undeleteable (aka “sealed”) fields

Just understood that I can’t delete an “Article Date” column I’ve added to a document library.

After a brief googling I’ve found an article by John F. Holiday (SharePoint Server MVP), where he sais, that following columns can’t be deleted after you’ve added them to an object:

  • Article Date,
  • Contact, Contact E-Mail Address, Contact Name, Contact Picture,
  • Scheduling Start Date, Scheduling End Date,
  • Target Audiences,
  • Byline, Image Caption,
  • Page Content, Page Icon, Page Image,
  • Rollup Image,
  • Summary Links, Summary Links 2.

That's it, you can't delete it :(

Anyway, he gives a sample code which could help with deletion. Didn't tried yet, just've hidden the column.


One thought on “MOSS 2007: Undeleteable (aka “sealed”) fields

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