Windows Mobile: restoring PIM & SMS data

Recently I’ve updated firmware on my Asus P527 and (insurprisingly) SMS & PIM data (contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc.) were wiped.

Well, sure before updating I’ve:

  • backed up the entire system state,
  • manually copied two main files:
    • cemail.vol
      little database containing SMS and email,
    • pim.vol
      the same size DB with contacts, tasks and calendar items.

So I’ve started restore process but… Asus backup utility said the backup file is corrupted, so it won’t restore anything( I had to restore both files manually, again. The thing is that you can manually delete and copy back pim.vol, but not cemail.vol file – it’s always being already used by some process. No ideas which one – killing doesn’t help.

So here comes the solution (files were saved as pim_old.vol and cemail_old.vol):

  1. download and install MortScript software to PDA,
  2. create a script (using any ANSI-compatible text editor) with the following text:
    Delete “\cemail.vol”
    Copy (“\cemail_old.vol”, “\cemail.vol”)

    Delete “\pim.vol”
    Copy (“\pim_old.vol”, “\pim.vol”),

  3. save the file as “sms-restore.mscr” (beware of extension – it’s used by MortScript interpretating engine!),
  4. copy:
    • both “old” files to the root directory,
    • the script file to “/Windows/Startup” (or your localised startup folder),
  5. move files from the startup folder (to prevent them locking *.vol files):
    • MsgWait.lnk
      messaging subsystem,
    • poutlook.lnk
      Pocket Outlook,
  6. clear Today Screen (i.e. uncheck all the items in “Settings/Today“),
  7. reboot the device.

Check your messages and contacts… Voila! they’re restored.

Keep in mind that if you’re restoring messages from WM5 on WM6.1 (as I did) they’ll be transformed into chat view, it may take a couple of minutes (depending on amount of SMS).

NB! After you’re sure that eveything is okay don’t forget to move MsgWait.lnk and poutlook.lnk back to startup folder and reboot again.


6 thoughts on “Windows Mobile: restoring PIM & SMS data

  1. Please advisde how you manually copied cemail.vol.
    My Xperia X1 screen has gone blank and can copy everything to PC but this file.
    Keep gettin ‘#access denied’.
    Any help greatfully appreciated.

    • Mark, 2 questions:
      1) what does “gone blank” mean – a memory wipeout or display corruption?
      2) are you sure you’re copying nor moving the file? is you’re doing it via Explorer try drag’n’drop with right mouse button and select “Copy” in the context menu.
      Also there’s the “SOTI pocket controller” tool – very useful, but you have to install a client-side WM application anyway, so it doesn’t fit now…

      Hope that helps. Feel free to post more info, together we’ll solve the problem)

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