Getting to orbit

A few months ago I’ve changed my job from HR consulting ( to FMCG (Mars; food production) company.

Some changes I’ve mentioned before:

  • I make ~200 km per day; by car or by a corporate bus (which gives an unique opportunity to sleep while travelling with payoff in 2 additional hours of sleeping in the morning).
  • If using bus, getting to workplace at 8.30 means waking up at 6.00. It’s very early for Moscow) I didn’t ever thought I’ll be waking up so early.
  • The job is nice. The Mars is nice. The people are nice.  The only bad thing is this everyday bus trip though it’s much better when the car is okay: driving, listening to music, watching airplanes taking off in Domodedovo airport, and enjoying the sun.

Getting hired in IT: How-To

Just’ve found a nice article on how to get hired. No, not Just Another One Clever Article, but a really interesting one – it’s about the IT:

If you’re like many other IT professionals, you may feel like you’re a little fish in a big ocean.

You are.

With so many people seeking jobs today, you cannot afford to be just another John or Jane Doe who’s looking for a job in IT. You’ve got to stand out. Here are some things you can apply immediately to help differentiate yourself in your next job interview or when it comes time for a promotion, or just to win over those who matter…

As having some experience as being hired as IT-specialist I could advise points of strength for jobseekers:

  • Get listed in professional social networks.
    …as being seeking a job (I’ve been hired after my account and professional info was found at LinkedIn).
  • Get certified.
    Invest in your education instead of wasting your time while seeking for a job. Certified workers are more preferable compared to all the others.
  • Tell your friends.
    Being hired by recommendation of a friends is the olderst method 🙂