Web service review: ArrivedOK

While adding another TripIt plan I’ve found an application which was developed by Russian startup – it’s called ArrivedOK.

The whole thing is about your relatives’ and friends’ nerves – nowadays plane delays and (OMG!) crashes happen so often that people are nervous about is you landed OK or not (hope that case will never happen).

After registration you simply enter your mobile number; before flying away you enter mobile numbers of people you’d like to inform upon arrival. And… no, that’s not all – you need to pay some fee in advance to buy some ‘packs’ of SMS. But there’s a free version – informing people by tweets or blog posts.

Bottom line: if you love your friends or relatives and want to save their nerves – try the ArrivedOK, maybe it’s worth your attention?

P.S.: you can put a badge on your website, it’ll look like that: