nginx is all around

English: Nginx Logo Español: Logo de Nginx

English: Nginx Logo Español: Logo de Nginx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As for my new job I need to emulate our production site environment I’ve deployed nginx-1.3.9 onto my Win7-laptop.

I’ve tried to run nginx -t in order to test the inintal config but got

nginx: the configuration file C:/nginx/conf/nginx.conf syntax is ok

nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (10013: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

nginx: configuration file C:/nginx/conf/nginx.conf text failed

After googling a bit I’ve found the several solutions of which:

  • firewall (McAfee security center) check has shown no 80 port blocking;
  • running nginx as a Windows service was postponed for some time – as the page under URL isn’t accessible any more;
  • so I’ve simply followd that post and changed the port in nginx.conf.

After that it has worked fine.
In order to finalize nginx administration experience I’ve followed this post’s instructions and created two bat files for start and stop.

Now what I still have to

  • get to know how to run a Grails app on nginx and connect it to the PostgreSQL DBS.

In support of Zero Email initiative

Thierry Breton.

Some thoughts infulenced by an interview with Thierry Breton (ATOS CEO) on his Zero Email initiative and idea to ban internal email communications within February 2014.

…the fact that most of the young people that we were hiring were not using email anymore after graduating from universities.

They were instead mainly using instant messaging tools and social networks like Facebook – and for most of them, when they joined Atos it was first time they had ever worked with internal email tools like [Microsoft] Outlook.

Awesome! Someone finally has decided to listen to a newly hired Gen Y. That’s partly my case, so I’m really involved into that case.

So this intrigued me – and in addition I had already been thinking for many years that most of my colleagues and my employees were spending increasing amounts of time on internal emails.

Please read the full intewiew, it is really helpful.

As for me as a Gen Y guy, most valuable of it is idea to listen Gen Y folks – we’re the future and it really helps to get an insight. It’s 10 years since I’ve finished school and last week I’ve been there at annual alumni meeting, where my teacher told me how nowadays’ scholars are doing: they use VoIP and public social networks to collaborate and define homework tasks, it’s within their DNA. Even now best of graduates come here and what do they see? A corporate ban on any modern browser, which is #1 web tool for every younger.
So as for me that Zero Email is 1st of all a nice example of listening to younger folks.

How I’ve bought the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet

Finally! Yesterday I’ve received my shining new B&N Nook Tablet, still with aroma of fresh plastic and artificial leather (from the cover). Mmm, yammy 🙂

It cost me 10 000 RUR (which was ~280 USD + some taxes) and was brought here (to Moscow) by my fellow friend directly from NY Manhattan store.

I’ll post some photos of the tablet inside the cover soon and plan to root the device and get a normal Android installed there, so follow the posts here.

What if Android Market updates doesn’t work for apps installed on SD card

Android Market

Image via Wikipedia

The problem: under Android OS applications installed to SD card using Android Market cannot be updated, showing error message.

The solution (found here, thanks to cdore…

  1. Connect your device to PC.
  2. On your device select Mount or External drive option.
  3. Open your device as a drive in My Computer.
  4. Find folder “” or “/mnt/secure/asec/”
  5. Delete file “smdl2tmp1.asec” (L before the 2nd letter and letter 1 after “tmp”).
  6. Try to re-download updates via Android Market.
Hope that helps!

Outlook tips’n’tricks

A few tips for Outlook users:

  • Quick email sending:
    • send emails quicker by pressing Ctrl+Enter instead of clicking Send button;
    • if you’ve disabled this option, you can enable it via menu: Tools – Options – Email options – Advanced email options – Press Ctrl+Enter to send and email (in the bottom).
  • Enabling Add to Dictionary context menu button:
    • menu Tools – Options – Spelling – Spelling and AutoCorrection – Custom Dictionaries: you need to set a language to the one you’re trying to add or, even better, to All languages.

Getting to orbit

A few months ago I’ve changed my job from HR consulting ( to FMCG (Mars; food production) company.

Some changes I’ve mentioned before:

  • I make ~200 km per day; by car or by a corporate bus (which gives an unique opportunity to sleep while travelling with payoff in 2 additional hours of sleeping in the morning).
  • If using bus, getting to workplace at 8.30 means waking up at 6.00. It’s very early for Moscow) I didn’t ever thought I’ll be waking up so early.
  • The job is nice. The Mars is nice. The people are nice.  The only bad thing is this everyday bus trip though it’s much better when the car is okay: driving, listening to music, watching airplanes taking off in Domodedovo airport, and enjoying the sun.

Web service review: ArrivedOK

While adding another TripIt plan I’ve found an application which was developed by Russian startup – it’s called ArrivedOK.

The whole thing is about your relatives’ and friends’ nerves – nowadays plane delays and (OMG!) crashes happen so often that people are nervous about is you landed OK or not (hope that case will never happen).

After registration you simply enter your mobile number; before flying away you enter mobile numbers of people you’d like to inform upon arrival. And… no, that’s not all – you need to pay some fee in advance to buy some ‘packs’ of SMS. But there’s a free version – informing people by tweets or blog posts.

Bottom line: if you love your friends or relatives and want to save their nerves – try the ArrivedOK, maybe it’s worth your attention?

P.S.: you can put a badge on your website, it’ll look like that: