MOSS 2007: Undeleteable (aka “sealed”) fields

Just understood that I can’t delete an “Article Date” column I’ve added to a document library.

After a brief googling I’ve found an article by John F. Holiday (SharePoint Server MVP), where he sais, that following columns can’t be deleted after you’ve added them to an object:

  • Article Date,
  • Contact, Contact E-Mail Address, Contact Name, Contact Picture,
  • Scheduling Start Date, Scheduling End Date,
  • Target Audiences,
  • Byline, Image Caption,
  • Page Content, Page Icon, Page Image,
  • Rollup Image,
  • Summary Links, Summary Links 2.

That's it, you can't delete it :(

Anyway, he gives a sample code which could help with deletion. Didn't tried yet, just've hidden the column.


Statistics generation: custom solution instead of Reporting Services

Today we’ve finished one project which took a plenty of time to be realised – a custom statistis module based on SQL data and realised as MOSS\WSS (SharePoint) webparts kit.

We have extremely tough queries and quite complicated data model, so we decided to get another solution:

  • The whole thing is divided into 5 parts each describing different business viewpoint of the data; all these viewpoints have been deployed as custom web-parts with initial constructor implemented with 1st webpart.
  • SQL code takes about 14 500 (!) lines in 6 different UDFs, which all were written by one person; another guy created webparts.

Finally, we’ve done it. Hurray!